Bucks Promise for Youth and Communities

Bucks Promise for Youth and Communities



Monday, October 4, 2010

Featured Partner: Bucks County Family Support and Resource Coalition

"Supported families are healthier families”

MISSION: To utilize the collective power of child, youth and family support entities to educate, share resources and create greater awareness in our community, of the needs that families have for support outside of formal services.

We are a group of non-clinical resources, supports and services that have come together to work collaboratively towards our common goal of supporting families. It is our hope that we can pool our individual resources and strengths in order to better serve families.

Current Participating Agencies:

X-Site, NOVA, Youth Aid, Plant A Seed, Coffee House, Voice and Vision, Planned Parenthood, LIFE, Pro-Act, NAMI, Magellan, Family Friends, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Child and Family Focus Respite

For more information please contact: Karen Plummer at:215-442-1599 ext. 205, karenp@voiceandvisioninc.org

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